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What debugging information do we need to assist you?

Enterprise Support on Strapi is split into 3 separate plans which offer different levels of support. For starters, here's a list of debugging information we need to assist you:

  1. Describe the Issue (Required)
  2. Steps to reproduce the issue (Required)
  3. Expected Behavior (Not required if the first two are adequately descriptive)
  4. System Information (Required)
  5. Additional Context

Describe the Issue (Required)

Tell us what you're experiencing and optionally how it has affected your use of Strapi.

Steps to reproduce the issue (Required)

What series of events led to this issue coming up? An example of how to provide this information could be:

  1. Go to '...'
  2. Click on '...'
  3. Scroll down to '...'
  4. See error

Expected behavior (Required)

Share a clear and concise description of what you expected to happen.

System Information (Required)

What environment are you currently running Strapi in? A template you could is:

  • NodeJS version
  • NPM version
  • Strapi version
  • Database
  • Operating System

We understand that your System Information may be confidential. We are open to signing an NDA before proceeding.

Additional Context

Any extra information relevant to the issue.

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