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What happens when my license expires?

If it just so happens that your license expires while your Strapi application is currently deployed and running, you will not experience any abrupt service disruption/project deactivation. This is because the Strapi application checks the validity of the license during the boot-up process. However, the next time your application restarts, regardless of the reason, the license check will be carried out and the following will happen:

  1. All the existing roles, including custom ones, will continue to work as normal but will not be editable.
  2. The SSO feature will be immediately disabled

This is important: Because you need to rebuild your admin panel after applying the license, the same is true when the license expires. If you do decide not to renew your license, your admin must be rebuilt to revert any EE specific UI changes to prevent the possibility of any functional/representational (UI) conflicts.

We encourage you to reach out to our team in anticipation of a license renewal.

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