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How many environments or instances are provided for a project?


In some cases, your Strapi project (not application) may need to be available on more instances greater than one. An example of this situation could be if your project serves high amounts of traffic and you need to scale the project to meet these demands. For this reason, we will not impose a limit on how many environments or instances are available for your project. To ensure that you are utilizing your license to its maximum capacity, please read through our article on what defines a project. In a nutshell, a Strapi application may be deployed in multiple instances and environments with the same license as long as it doesn't:

  1. Serve different model configurations with the same license

  2. Multiple projects serving different websites:

  3. Get distributed as part of a template available for free download/distribution.


Your Strapi project may run in different environments for different purposes such as testing and quality assurance environments. Because of this, the restrictions above do not apply to the environments your project is deployed in.

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