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What is an Implementation Fee and what does it cover?

During the sales process you possibly went through you likely saw a line item called "Implementation fee", this item includes the following actions and benefits for you as the Strapi customer.

Kick-off call

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) will engage with you to have an initial kick-off call with you and your team and during this call, we will gather some information from you and provide answers to any questions you might have for us. Some of these include:

  • Can you provide a bit more information about your company and your use-case such as:
    • Who are your customers?
    • Where are you located?
    • How big is your company/customer base?
  • How are you planning to use Strapi?
    • Is this an internal project or external?
    • What is your production timeline?
    • Is there any type of guidance you need from us to help get you up and running such as a Technical Audit or any help building out your content-modeling structure?
  • What is your technology stack?
  • Are you currently planning to use any community plugins, if so what have you tried or what are you planning to try?
    • We may make certain specific recommendations based on the information you provided earlier in the call such as things like SEO-based plugins, caching plugins, etc
  • Are you interested in having a Technical Audit with our Solution Engineering team and if so when would you like to schedule that?
  • Answer any questions you might have to schedule follow-ups with our technical team to help answer questions that might not fit within the time allotted initially 

Account setup

After your initial kick-off call with your CSM, they will then continue on to set up your account with us which includes the following:

  • Creating your account on our support portal and engaging with you to register any additional members of your team (technical or not) who need access to create tickets
  • Setup your license and have that sent over to your team so that you can install it and start using the enterprise features
  • Work with your company's finance team to handle any kind of payment processing such as bank transfers, POs, etc
  • Scheduling follow-up calls to ensure we are following along with your development and assisting in removing any roadblocks to getting your project out in production
  • Understanding your needs and working with our support team to ensure we have accurate information to ensure we can meet your needs and support you the best as we can in the future
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