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What is the minimum version allowed on Strapi Cloud?

As of May 2023 (and until this article is updated) the minimum allowed version of Strapi packages (any package prefixed with @strapi/* ) is v4.8.2.

New projects will not allow creation if the Strapi application that is attempting to be used does not specify this version.

Existing applications will have several warning notices sent out before their applications are suspended. If you application is suspended and you have upgraded your application please contact the support team using the help widget in the bottom right of the Strapi Cloud interface and we can re-enable your app.

At Strapi we take security very seriously and these limits are put in place for security of your data, when we push out releases that patch critical security vulnerabilities we will bump our minimum version up to that patch.

For instructions on upgrading your Strapi version, please see the following two documentation pages:

General Upgrade Guide:
Migration Guides (if required):

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