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Does Strapi cloud have backups?

Backup Information & Restoring from a Backup

Yes Strapi Cloud does offer automatic backups but is only available for the Pro, Teams, and Custom plans. There are no automated backups for Trials at this time.

Currently users cannot manage restoring from a backup themselves and we plan to introduce this feature in the future. If you need to have a backup restored please contact the support team using the "help" icon in the lower right of the Strapi Cloud Dashboard interface or by emailing

When requesting a restoration of a backup the support team will need the following information:

  • Your application's Debug Name? (for information on finding this please see this article)
  • The date of the backup you wish to restore?
  • When would you like it restored? (We can plan a future date to restore or "ASAP")

Backup Frequency

Backups are performed weekly for every plan and they are kept for a rolling month meaning at most you will always have 4 backups, note that you will need to trigger a new deployment if you already have an existing application before backups were added on 2023/10/12.

Future backup capabilities are currently under design but if you have any feedback on the backups feature please feel free to open a feature request on our Feedback Site under the Cloud section.

For more information on the backups feature please see our related documentation.

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